BroheUke – PRAHA

11 songs created in 2011 and 2012, in Prague 8 – U Libeňského pivovaru street, Prague 10 – Bulharská street

and Prague 6 – Na Petynce street.

It was long time locked in the box and I had travel

a lot of miles to meet Miroslav Polák in Liberec town

and his recording studio Comrade, where it was recorded, mixed and mastered all 11 song in 2019 and 2020.

In the end it was mastered with Odřej Ježek in sutuio

jáMOR in Prague.

Recorded in studio Comrade

Production by Přemysl Brož and Miroslav Polák

Coproduction by Michal Bouček, Adam Jánošík, Radim Pilous

Mixed and mastered by Miroslav Polák – Comrade

Final master by Ondřej Ježek – jáMOR

Graphic design by Přemysl Brož

Released by BroheUke, Polí5, Mermomoc

in digital version and  10pcs of engraved 10" vinyls.

Special thnaks to Miroslav Polák for all care, patience, work and advice in the Studio, Pavlína Žďánská for her voice, Ondřej Ježek for final master, Petr Kutáček for his help with cover, Jan Koudelka and printing factory Kopretina for finalization, Michal Bouček, Adam Jánošík, Radim Pilous for their coproduction and to my family for patience and love.

~ Dedicated to our opened hearts. ~